How Horizons came to be

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We could say that, one fine day, Peter was flying over the south of Thailand in his private float plane and spotted this idyllic spot far below. He couldn’t resist the white sand beach and the swaying palms. He made a rapid descent and deftly landed his plane on the smooth, crystal clear water. Falling in love with the location, he decided on creating Horizons there and then.

…but we would be being less than honest.

We could casually mention Nan’s international modelling career. She was shuttling between New York, London and Milan on a weekly basis. But occasionally the attention of the paparazzi would get to be too much, perhaps exacerbated by the attention of the cream of Hollywood’s leading men. When it all got a bit much, she would ask the nice Thai Airways pilot to detour to Nakhon Si Thammarat, where she could restore her faith in humanity, by strolling on the deserted white sand beach and dipping her toes in the lukewarm surf. She glanced out to sea and spied Peter’s float plane and the rest is history.

…but we would still be embellishing reality (at least about the Thai Airways part).

OK, the real version…

Peter has had a varied career, ranging from a spell in Her Britannic Majesty’s armed forces, through ship agency, and via commodity trading, ending up running the “pick n mix” at Woolworths. (OK, we are straying again).

Nan’s home town was originally Patthalung, which is about 100km further down the road. Her brother and sister run F & B establishments in Bangkok (see the “links” section of this site), so you could say that hospitality runs in the family.

The true story of how Horizons Pub & Restaurant came to be may not involve so much glitz and glamour, but the outcome is none the less spectacular. Peter and Nan bought the land some time ago and have long had the dream of building a beautiful venue on the beach, which would serve as both a Pub/Restaurant and a family home.

The building has taken ten months to complete from ground breaking to the recent soft opening. Every detail has been meticulously worked out, with the custom design going through several incarnations until it is just the way Peter and Nan wanted it. This is Thailand and there have been quite a few moments when faith in the final outcome was wearing thin. However, I am sure you will agree the end result is worth all the effort that has been put in.


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